Sasha Wickenden
Sunsurfers Community


She is a free spirit nomad and owner of an online business, travelling non-stop since 2012 and lived for 3 years without social networks. Most of her time Sasha Wickenden is dedicating to this
fascinating community – Sunsurfers.

This is lesson about a community that might look like a cult or a hippie movement but is nothing like that.
Members of this community deeply understand the meaning of sharing, they want to make this world a better place, to see and learn about it, to pass on their knowledge to others and yes, to stay in the sun :)
Sasha told me about her the first time she met the community in India about 2 years ago. She also mentioned the trust she puts into some community members she never met in person, but she works with them and is going to stay with while travelling.
How a small group of Russian speaking people became a global movement?
Why the members of the community connect through telegram?
Why Sasha was disconnected for 3 years from social media and still lives without Facebook?
All the answers are inside.

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